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4 Key Crypto Compliance Skills to Form Your Hiring Bread and Butter

Are you one of the businesses wanting to hone in on a crypto user base predicted to reach 1 billion by the end of 2022? Then, of course, you are in the market for a Compliance Officer clued up to embrace the implications of integrating the use of cryptocurrencies within your business. From writing the job advertisement to conducting your first face to face interview, having a firm understanding of what’s expected of candidates who specialize in this relatively new and rapidly expanding technolo

How to Use SNAP Selling to Crush Your KPIs | tldv

To be a potential customer within a shrinking world is to be a fish in a sea littered with hooks. Where some bait may seem wildly inviting to some, most fish have evolved to know better than to fall for it hook, line and sinker. Especially when it can often result in costing their time – their most cherished commodity. Luckily, those in sales aren’t fishing at sea. They’re at their desks working hard with the near nonexistent time they have to balance customers needs with the demand to meet the

What Is XaaS Doing to SaaS in 2022? | tldv

Throughout 2020 and 2021, we saw SaaS infrastructures help almost every organization on the planet work from anywhere when the pandemic disrupted our lives. For those who didn’t have them integrated into their businesses before entering remote work, they sought the aid of third-party collaboration and video conferencing tools like Slack and Google Meet and invested in the development of their own corporate SaaS-based solutions. In 2022, the world is in a state of adjustment and we’ve set our si

The Differences Between Product Marketing VS Marketing

Product marketing vs marketing, customer marketing vs product marketing, product vs marketing… Why compare? They’re all one in the same, right? Surprisingly, no, they’re not. Setting each form of marketing side by side can become its own game of Sesame Street’s “One of These Things”. If you want to know the differences between product marketing vs marketing, customer marketing vs product marketing, product marketing vs brand marketing and more, then you’ve landed in the right place. This articl

20 Team Gift Ideas:Funny Work From Home Gifts

If it’s teammates that build your company walls, showing them your appreciation is probably the cement that can hold it all together. What better way to do that than coming up with some thoughtful gift ideas for work from home employees to raise their spirits – and a few smiles in the process? We know you’re probably having a difficult time thinking up original team gift ideas that set you apart, especially if you make up the 16% of the companies in the world that are 100% remote. So we’ve sc

A Digital Detox Is the Logical Beat for Boosting Your Remote Working Productivity

When choosing to uproot ourselves from our work desks and become payroll pariahs, a lot can change. Even when we feel we have grown enough to jump comfortably into the next phase of our careers, working from home brings an entire nursery of new hurdles. We are living in an age of distraction. Where smart devices are never usually more than a few feet away from us for most of our waking (and sleeping) lives. Where the data cookies we willingly leave behind like breadcrumbs are chased by alluring

When a Masterclass Really Isn’t a Masterclass

How to spot a sales presentation in disguise and save yourself valuable time and disappointment Picture this. You’re setting up your working day. Your eyes try not to drown in the flood of unopened inbox emails, each bringing a new “to do” for the ever-growing list for the weekend and beyond. Yes, it’s Saturday. Because what better time to get a headstart on the week than on a day that should conventionally be devout to relaxing? Free? How can a masterclass be free? The mere curiosity of it has

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